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We will gladly post your painting on our fine art page. Your work of art will stay in your home while we present it in different venues. At such time that we find a serious buyer, then you will be notified, and the transfer of funds and work can commence.

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John Kasyn (1926- ) Canadian
Backyard on Caroline Street
Oil on board, 14 x 12 inches.

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Arthur Sarnoff (1912-2000) American
Student of Harvey Dunn (1884-1952)
Cheyenne Chief
Acrylic on Board, 16 x 20 inches.

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Paul Jacoulet 1902-1960 American
Portrait of a Chamorro Woman - Orange
Coloured woodcut with gauffrage on Japan paper 1934
16 x 10 5/8 inches. With the time stamped signature and date. Many of the impressions from the Chamooro Women series were lost or destroyed. Existing impressions are extremely scarce.

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Kyohei Inukai (1886-1954) American
Portrait of Katherine Groch (July 25th 1879-June 6th 1945)
Oil on Canvas, 36 x 28 inches, signed K Inukai /34
Painted the portrait of Dorothy Hampton a year earlier in 1933 in New York City. Interesting fact is that Kyohei used the same chair for both portraits.



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